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The Power of Dates

Dates are more nutritious than any confectionary options on the shelves today. Their natural sweetness lend themselves to accompany many ingredients to create the perfect morsel. Not only are they sweet, they are a natural source of fibre, vitamins and minerals and good for heart and digestive health. Finally a sweet treat that’s truly healthy too! They are a great snack and can be enjoyed any time of day. As a sugar alternative they can be used as a whole ingredient, syrup or molasses. 

Historically, Dates were the fruit of choice of royalty in the Middle East dating back thousands of years. They were sought after by nations and slowly overtime began to be available globally - but still grown in designated regions due to ideal hot climates. Today, they can be found in hot centres such as the Middle East, Asia, North America and Africa. The best Dates however are still found in the Middle East - just as they were thousands of years ago.

There are hundreds of varieties of Dates, Medjool is the more famous but the universe is truly massive. Each variety has its own unique taste and as a result pairs well with different ingredients and taste profiles.